The project aims to boost the qualification in SMEs with regards to renewable energies on three levels:

  • Dual Bachelor’s Study Modules (academic education)
  • Vocational education for young people
  • Advanced Training for employees and owners of SMEs

Dual Bachelor’s Study Modules

The project partner Berufsakademie Hamburg (University of Corporate Education Hamburg) developed and implemented the dual bachelor study course “Engineering &
Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency”. It covers specialisation and core modules with the following topics:

  • Energy Efficiency and thermal insulation in buildings
  • Cogeneration, energy conversion, energy distribution and energy use
  • Project: Biogenic Energy Technology – Energy Conversion

These modules can be integrated either in already existing dual degree programs or in traditional (not dual) study programs. For this, Berufsakademie Hamburg develops an integration concept with recommendations and all other needed information.

All materials to the Dual Bachelor’s Study modules are available under “Results”.

Vocational education for young people

As basis for the development of the 2-years vocational education for young people with good practical skills, analyses on the educational and labour markets in the countries in Baltic Sea Region were prepared, and needs, conditions and different aspects of the energy sector worked out in detail. In addition, the project partners developed country-specific concepts for the performance and recognition of the vocational education. After putting together all aspects, discussing together and evaluating the analyis and the concepts, the partner from Latvia VISC developed the vocational training “Specialist for Building Insulation”. These all materials are available in the section “Results”.

Advanced Training for employees and owners of SMEs

In the project 5 advanced training courses for SMEs were developed, one of which is a Train-the-Trainer course. All courses cover energy relevant topics as well as meet the needs of SMEs. The trainings are 1,5 – 2 days long with the possibility to vary the duration individually. Beside the trainings for SMEs there was of great importance to develop a Train-the-Trainer training that allows the conducation of the trainings in the individual countries also after the project end. The all 5 trainings were tested in different countries – in Poland in Posen and Gdansk, in Lithuania in Vilnius and Panevezys and in Belarus in Minsk. Due to the demand by SMEs an additional training is conducted in Pori, Finland.

The following topics are covered:

  • Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Energy – Technologies and Application
  • Energy Efficient Construction and Application of Renewable Energies
  • Waste and Wastewater Management and Energy Production
  • Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies and Waste and Wastewater Management (Train-the-Trainer)

For all interested parties curricula of the each training are available under “Results”.