Some of the results and outputs:

1. Skill Energy Alliance “Energy Saving Technologies, including Sustainable Construction” is established with 10 project partners from five countries: Latvia, Germany, Finland, Poland and Lithuania.

2. During the project the alliance develops and implements three packages with innovative educational measures for different target groups in and around Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

a) Vocational education for young people with good practical skills

b) Advanced training for SMEs with a Train-the-Trainer seminar

c) Dual Bachelor`s study modules for students

3. Several international conferences with international knowledge and experience exchange, as well as dissemination of the project results

4. Publication of manual with all concepts, curricula, recommendations, etc.

5. Transfer of the educational measures and extension of the alliance to the members of Hanse-Parlament and Baltic Sea Academy, altogether 18 universities and academies, and more than 50 chambers of crafts, industry and commerce in the Baltic Sea Region